Chronotransology: The Science of Temporal Transportation

Before we begin, we want everyone to know that this is not science fiction. However, we are not saying that we have built a time machine. We are simply saying three things:

  1. Time travel is possible.
  2. We have theoretical proof of the possibility of time travel.
  3. There are laws that would govern time travel if a time machine were ever built.

Our original website was The Chronotransology Institute. The “Laws of Time” were originally posted at UniFieldX, Inc. Here, again, are the Laws of Time:

The Laws of Time

The Law of The Past

Man cannot travel backward in time.

The Law of The Present

Man cannot return to the present after having travelled through time.

The Law of The Future

Man can travel forward in time but only so far.

We will be providing the theoretical proof of the possibility of time travel as soon as we have fully protected our interests in our theory, which will take an unknown period of time to accomplish. However, until then, we can at least give you a couple of tidbits:

  1. Past thinkers on the question of time travel have been unable to solve one or more problems in temporal physics because they have started with the wrong premises.
  2. One incorrect premise is the belief that objective reality is perceptual reality. We will let you know now that it is almost an absolute certainty that you do not understand what you just read. If so, this does not mean that you will never be able to understand. We will elaborate further as soon as possible.